Monday, 18 July 2011

Wake up!

So I'm back, after a much needed break from the world of blogging. I'd somewhat lost that spark of creativity that got me posting, but after a few months putting my feet up & taking in some inspiration I'm back firmly in front of the laptop.

The mainstream world of fashion had somewhat lost it's passion for me, but I'd forgotten what initially got me behind this blog; a spot of independent style, vintage fashion, & sartorialism. The burlesque darlings with their sequins a plenty, the Clara Bow's with their flapper-esque do's, the Bettie Page's with their perfect bangs & sultry swimsuits, to the dandy's with their perfectly cut suits; I'd almost forgotten what got me excited in the world of fashion.

I've been diving into visual inspiration and a touch of the kitsch over the past few months; baking quirky cupcakes to trying out a spot of 60's make up, & I'm feeling rather refreshed and back to my old self for it.

During my hiatus I was briefly lured back into the world of writing, taking up a fetish inspired photographic exhibition for a review on Alt fashion (check out the write up here). Which was a welcome breath of fresh air to my usual work, whilst I'm not one to brave latex further than a cute bow hair clip it's certainly easy to see how it's made such a huge impression on the fashion world. But all that sultry shiny fabric isn't for me, give me pencil skirts in printed kitsch cotton fabrics any day!

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