Friday, 26 August 2011

The mis-sizing dilemma

Sizing on the high street & fashion industry has been irritating me more than ever of late. It's certainly a hot topic for debate with size zero constantly in debate, fashion shows putting plus size women on the catwalk & more companies than ever catering for a wider range of sizes, but this is still only in the minority when you look at the grand scheme of things across the industry.

In terms of measurements and size guides I'm classed as a size 6-8 due to my curvier hips. But when it comes to shopping for clothes I can come out of the changing room with anything from a size 12 to 8 that fits well. It's not just chain stores that are the culprit in this either, brands across independent stores are exactly the same. One will be too tight, too low cut, or short, & the other will fit several sizes up.

It goes the same way down the sizes too, in some stores I'll find a size 6 falls off me & nothing in the shop is a sensible fit. This is whats generally referred to as vanity sizing, mis-labelling items or moving the sizes down a number.

That's not the main problem for someone of my size either, most high street stores just don't tend to stock much smaller sizes. The amount of times I've tried something on several sizes too large just to see how an item looks on, then ran back home to order it online before they sell out of a size 6. In all honesty I've rarely even been able to grab that elusive size 6 afterwards & ended up with another lost purchase.

Now to some of you this may just seem like a 'poor unfortunate skinny girl having a winge', but it's not just across the small sizes that this problem lies. After speaking to other women of various sizes it goes across the board. Stores rarely stock plus sizes, and of those it stops beyond the 16 figure with that classed as an xxl size. It's sheer madness.

It's not all doom and gloom of course, there are some shops and brands that have a perfect fit. But it should be the same across the industry, not just select companies sticking to the actual standard sizing measurements.

Some could say that's it's the 'throw away' fashion state of the industry that's at fault, with such cheap, affordable fashion so readily available, most items tend to get worn once, maybe twice without any care to the item itself. Or it's simply a case of cost cutting measures in the tight economy of the past few years.

Whatever excuses it may be it's certainly disheartening.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Clothes sizes are completely different to the bygone era. I used to think it's because my vintage pieces have 'shrank' over the years :D

  2. YES! i love vintage and i have seen then same thing happen over the years vintage seems to "shrink"!
    I love this post!

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