Sunday, 14 August 2011

The prettiest legs in the land

When I first stumbled upon Tattoo socks on Etsy I was absolutely blown away by how stunning and intricate their designs are. With inventive and cutting edge designs that appeal to both fashionistas and those of us with a bit of an addiction to tights.

My own tights drawers are bursting to the brim with designer and brightly coloured vintage tights, so I'm no stranger to printed tights. Personally my favourites tend to lean towards bold graphic prints & dainty subtle designs, a bit of a mix of that stands out against my more vintage inspired wardrobe.

The intricate fairytale-like forest and snowflake designs caught my eye from their designs. Whilst it's still midsummer here there's nothing wrong with planning your autumn/winter wardrobe already & these are certainly on my wish list for the season, ensuring that my legs will look as pretty as my hair flowers.
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  1. oh my goodness! i checked out the websie where the tattoo socks are and was blown away!! a bit disappointed they don't come in color, though, but i'm thinking about getting them. how did you find them? weird, but cool.


  2. They're very effective if you're after a nice muted shade in tights with a pop of pattern.

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