Thursday, 4 August 2011

Roll for victory

Remember a while back, I posted about vintage 'hairspiration', finding examples of vintage hair styles that would suit my hair style & look. Well I finally had a go at it a couple of months back.

Finding some longer guides I could follow, without completely messing up my hair do was a gruelling task at first. Me still behind the times when it comes to some of these 'new fang led gadgets', had neglected to turn to You tube when I had my first attempt flicking through print outs of thumbnail pics from vintage tutorials. Thankfully after a few miserably failed attempts at victory rolls I decided to turn to You tube for some help.

I stumbled upon Classic retro glamour & Lisa Freemont Streets channels, my an entirely new concept to me from the start! But how grateful was I to find those girls handy video tutorials!

Within an hour of flicking back and forth between videos and jotting down notes I had my first attempt at victory rolls for an evening out. It does take some effort to get each roll in place, a lot of hair spray and fumbling around my pin box but I got there eventually. It certainly helped visualising the tutorial, seeing the differences in styles between each video & working my own way to create them. I still have a long way to go to perfect them but each attempt is an improvement on the last.

I've been trying my hand at pin curling, although this is an area I definitely need much improvement on! So far I've got fantastic curls at the front but flat hair at the back, a side effect of sleeping in the curls I suspect.

There's still so many vintage hair styles to try out, some curling tongs and hot rollers to invest in and plenty of pronged clips to purchase but it's certainly rewarding after all the grunting and complaining setting my hair.

-Image c/o The commons, Flickr-

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