Saturday, 17 September 2011

Classic vintage style at Lady K Loves

I've long been a fan of Lady K Loves neo-vintage designs, helping to bring those of us with more of a vintage taste plenty of bespoke style.

One of my wardrobe secrets, I've been adorning plenty of their designs for the past couple of years since I first discovered them. It's the designs tailored around vintage patterns & styles that first drew me in, taking classic items from swing dresses to capri trousers and making them adaptable for the modern wardrobe.

One of those occasional irks with vintage clothing is getting your head around the sizing, will it fit?, whats the equivalent of that size 14 tag nowadays?, will it be too tight? too short?, will it last? But with Lady K Loves neo-vintage take, it's all the perks of vintage but with a brand spanking new item.

There's certainly plenty of styles to tempt you in across their site. I personally adore the Old town dress for a night out, & their Classic jersey tee teamed up with the new Classic jeans for day wear.

Give neo-vintage a try, you'll certainly adore it!

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