Monday, 8 October 2012

Time to say goodbye..

Oh dear readers I have been away an awful long time! I've been busy working away on numerous projects & things got somewhat sidetracked with this blog. But fret not! You can keep up with my postings under my new business venture, The pin up wardrobe. Yes, I've decided to brave the world of online retail & share my passion for gorgeous attire with the world! Why not swing on by my new blog (linked above) & help share the love. I'll be returning to my usual sartorial postings over there shortly. And of course if you fancy a peek into what I'm doing you can find The pin up wardrobe online at: Thanks for contining to follow my blog throughout the years, without you darlings I probably wouldn't have braved dipping my toes into the world of retail! x Image: Photographer: Phillip Hunton | Model: Miss Zara Ann