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A quintessential Yorkshire treat : Betty's tea room

Tea is as essential to Yorkshire as anything, so it's no surprise that Yorkshire is home to one of the most renowned tea rooms in this country, Betty's. First opened in 1919 in Harrogate Betty's has been providing Yorkshire with a selection of delectable confectionery since they first opened. Since then Betty's has grown to expand across Yorkshire with six tea rooms including picturesque York tea room's. With it's art deco finery, elaborate wooden paneling & ornate mirrors it's a little slice of afternoon decadence in the city center.

You certainly can't miss Betty's the crowning glory in St Helen's Square, the queue's can be seen well before you approach the building, and it's easy to see why, with scrumptious treats lining the window in their shop side of the building and tables piled high with afternoon tea stands. One of the key point's that makes Betty's stand out to all is not just it's delectable food offerings and it's décor, but it's open doors, not a tea room to hold dress codes you can easily dress in your casual (although not too casual!) day to day attire for a catch up with friends over tea as much as an afternoon tea for a special occasion, that relaxed yet refined atmosphere certainly makes it easy to see why it's so popular.

Of course Betty's is most known for it's afternoon tea, a quaint silver plated stand lined with traditional afternoon tea fare, from the dainty sandwiches to the delightful miniature cakes. Betty's afternoon tea is what keeps customers coming and of course why not take in a great British tradition when visiting York! But it's not just afternoon tea that Betty's does so well, a quick glimpse into their shop window will reveal a wonderful array of baked goods on display, from traditional Yorkshire fare with their Fat Rascals (a scrumptious Yorkshire take on the scone) to dainty macaroons and biscuits. Always laden with seasonal treats so you'll always encounter something different.

 Whether you choose to stay and dine in, an experience which we insist you try at least once, or take some of their baked goods home with you, it's certainly worth a visit.

You can visit Betty's in York year round, located at St Helen's Square, alongside a second smaller tea room at Stonegate. Betty's other Yorkshire tea room locations can be found online at Can't make it to York? Visit their web shop where you can order an assortment of cakes & confectionery delivered to your doorstep.

Taking in tea? We recommend their Fat Rascal's with a pot of their house blend Earl grey if you prefer a change to afternoon tea.

Taking away? Try a tin of their signature shortbread, a traditional treat that will be sure to run out quickly.

Images: Bettys

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