Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A spot of tipple : Earl Grey Martini

Fancy a lavish take on a classic? Why not try out this Earl grey martini, the perfect combination of a classic tea and decadent booze for a flavour that's somewhat unique.

 earl grey tea bag
 ice cubes
 dash of lemon juice & wedges for decoration
 dash of sugar syrup (to make your own mix equal parts water to caster sugar)

First make your sugar syrup, place water & sugar into a pan on a low heat for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool.

Steep the tea bags in the gin for 10 minutes, then strain and place in a cocktail shaker on top of some ice cubes.

Pour in lemon juice and 120ml of the sugar syrup mixture, then shake it up for a good few minutes.

Pour into 2 cocktail glasses of your choice, and rub the edge of the glass with a lemon wedge & a dash of sugar around the rim.

Best drunk: when you fancy a bit of a wind down at the end of day, or when you simply fancy a spot of tipple!

Image: Mondo Bartenders

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