Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A very vintage day out in Manchester

Manchester has been under somewhat of a vintage revival over the past few years, one of the key cities to visit in the North West, Manchester's musical connections and location have made it somewhat of a vintage stronghold. With an abundance of vintage shops, tea rooms and diners opening in the city in recent years it's certainly a perfect place to visit for a vintage day in the city.

To get an idea of just how much Manchester has taken to vintage lifestyle and fashion you only need to take a peek at Vintage Manchester, a quintessential guide to all things vintage in the city and surrounding areas, from vintage shops to events and even where to go for a meal. Browsing through the site certainly brings about a wealth of things to do in the city, such is the success of vintage culture in Manchester that you really are spoilt for choice.

So just where do you go for a day in the city? For a day out in the city you certainly can't go wrong starting off with a spot of shopping, Manchester is home to an abundance of vintage shops and burlesque boutiques, with the majority located in the cities Northern Quarter.

A walk down Oldham Street will unveil several of the cities vintage shops, ranging in styles and eras from the 70's-90's driven styles at Blue Rinse, to the vintage inspired wares inside Pop boutique. You certainly can't go wrong with a peek in Manchester's iconic Afflecks on Oldham street with several vintage and inspired shops across the four floors. 

You'll also find the burlesque boutique Kiku boutique just off Oldham Street down Tib Street which is worth a visit for their exquisite corsetry alone.

After all that shopping your bound to be parched, Manchester is home to a selection of tea rooms and even diners worth a visit whatever tickles your fancy. For a spot of afternoon tea you'll find Richmond tea rooms on Richmond street and Sugar junction on Tib street both handily located within the Northern Quarter making it easy to pop on by for a spot of tea.

Or indulge in some ice cream by paying a visit to Ginger's comfort emporium inside Afflecks, or if you prefer a spot of tipple you can find The Whim Wham Cafe on Whitworth street, Manchester's first gin parlour and eatery for a truly authentic vintage experience.

If you fancy taking on a spot of culture you'll find two of the cities notable museums within close proximity of each other, with the Museum of science and industry and the Imperial war museum both a short walk from each other near Castlefield.

There's certainly plenty to do in the city, with regular fairs popping up year round, plenty of designer boutique and department stores, and many more tea rooms around the city. Simply take an exploratory walk around the city and see what you can find.

Images: Sugar Junction & Afflecks.

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