Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The modern ladies little black book of cosmetics

Under the mountain of cosmetics it's somewhat difficult to separate the 'so so' cosmetics from the truly outstanding cosmetics, everyone has their favourites, their tried and tested well loved brands, but what happens when you want to try something new? Do you brave the army of blusher brushes and overly tanned sales staff? or do you take the safe route and go straight for the products you want?

To save that unwanted fuss at the beauty counter I've compiled my little black book of cosmetics, a guide to essential brands and products for the modern lady. Whilst we all appreciate a little pamper and advice on products from sales staff, sometimes you prefer to cheat a little and find the best products without the hassle, that's where my little black book comes in.

You may recognise the name from Dita Von Teese's collections with the brand, a rather elegant brand with a vast range of beauty essentials that are bound to suit your cosmetic preferences. They stock every beauty tool and essential that you could possibly need.

An absolute must to try out, their mineral foundation is absolutely wonderful stuff, perfect for winter to add a pop a colour during the dull months.

A vintage inspired classic, their gorgeous art deco style packaging adorns a range of make up essentials from rouge to lipstick that would just look darling in any make up bag.

One of those decadent treats you allow yourself to spend out on every now & then, their lipsticks and nail polishe's come in a gorgeous range of shades.

Well known for their legendary eight hour cream, a great range of skin care essentials that are worth the price tag. Their lipstick range is also worth trying out, not just for the pretty gold packaging.

A truly unique cosmetic company, Illamasqua have come up with some truly inventive products alongside a rather unique range of shades. If you want a truly bottle green nail varnish, or an intense brick red lipgloss then Illamasqua are the company to go to.

A rather remarkable U.S brand, Lime Crime turn fairy tales into wonderful cosmetics. With a bright highly pigmented range of make up in a rainbow of colours that you won't often find with most cosmetic brands. /i certainly recommend trying out their lipsticks, Glamour 101 & Retrofuturist are a must try for truly long lasting red lips, and yes it will be the prettiest tube of lipstick to ever grace your handbag.

Another brand well known for their inventive products, they have such a vast catalogue of products that you really will be spoilt for choice.

If there's ever an elusive shade of nail varnish that you've wanted but found hard to come by your bound to find it at Nails Inc. Whilst they do a lot of styles and fashionable types of nail varnish, we find it's best to stick to the classics and pursue their wide range of nail polishes.

Responsible for the infamous cat lipstick Paul & Joe have created a range of cosmetics that are as pretty as they are a delight to use.

A wonderful British label, based in Leeds, Rose & Co have crafted an outstanding range of cosmetics, from their essential range of balms and salves, to creams, and even a range of floral fancies to pop in the bath that would look darling adorning any bathroom. 

A marvellous high street essential, Soap & Glory's range of cosmetics really can't be beat. Their body butter is an absolute essential for the winter. They also do a great range of make up, their mascara is by far the best I've tried.

Is there anything he can't do?! Tom Ford's range of cosmetics are a thing of beauty, a little extravagant yes, but his lipsticks are more than worth saving up for as a decadent beauty treat.

Use these contacts wisely and above all I cannot be held responsible for any lavish over spending..

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