Monday, 28 March 2016

The well dressed women's do & don'ts

The modern woman needs an indispensable guide to dressing well, for me it's always been a case of adapting historical guides to assist alongside my own common sense. Elise Vallee's "The well dressed women's do's & don'ts" at the time was a quintessential guide to dressing correctly, dressing well and attending to appearance. Whilst times have changed it's still important to dress well even nowadays, so what should the modern lady do? I've adapted some of my choice favourite 'do's & don't's' from this book to apply to modern women as a set of tips to dressing well in this modern age.

"Don't think that in buying smart clothes you have done all that is necessary"
It's not just a case of buying smart & elegant clothes but knowing how to wear them well also.

"Don't say black doesn't suit you until you gave tried a black dress with your face skin as near perfection as you can make it"
Thankfully the modern woman has long since adapted the little black dress into her wardrobe, whilst it may not need be little, you should always have a black dress or ensemble in your wardrobe.

"Do have simple frocks, and not a great many of them"
A selection of classic staple dresses are a must for any wardrobe, they can be easily adapted for any occasion and dressed up with accessories for a different look, so you don't need to hoard dresses for different occasions.

"Never go out in the street without a coat or fur or some sort of wrap over your frock"
Unless it's a hot summer day most dresses tend to look elegant with a bolero, shrug, cardigan, jacket or coat.

"Don't have a mass of jewels; have a few good ones"
A lot of women seem to dress themselves in jewellery nowadays, you shouldn't feel the need to, less is often more when accessorizing.

"Don't waste money on expensive aids to beauty".
The modern woman seems to have more designer 'beauty aids' than ever, just because an anti-ageing cream or serum is expensive that doesn't mean that they will work. Sometimes the most inexpensive cold cream can be a valued beauty essential.

Whilst some of these tips can seem outdated by modern standards, we've certainly grown past the need to wearing real furs, swapping them for faux furs, but it terms of style you certainly can't beat classic elegance. With fashion turning to throw away attire it certainly can't hurt to stay away from the pack and go for quality as opposed to quantity in your wardrobe, we can certainly learn a lot from the past.

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