Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wirral's model village : Port Sunlight

A darling model village situated in the most surprising of places, just on the cusp of Birkenhead. Port Sunlight is a picturesque model village most famously known for it's ties with Sunlight Soap, a truly stunning feat of urban planning and architecture.

Port Sunlight village was founded in the late 19th Century by Viscount Leverhulme as a home for workers at the Lever Brothers factory, a philanthropist with a passion for art and architecture which can easily be seen when you enter the village. Now a Conservation area where you can find not just one of the area's most stunning art galleries but also the Port Sunlight museum and tea room.

It really does take you back just how stunning the village is when you first drive in, picturesque black & white buildings stand out next to the village green and quite frankly some of the most stunning statues and fountain pieces you'll find in any village centre.

The Lady Lever gallery is by far the centrepiece of the village, a stunning domed building featuring 30 rooms of arts & crafts from the 18th-19th century. Upon entering the gallery you'll really be taken back by just how much work has gone into the building, huge columns loom over the ground floor alongside a cavalcade of rooms brimming with artworks and historic relics, including a vast selection of snuff boxes & pottery.

Just across from the galleries car park you'll find one of the villages feature fountains amongst an array of extravagant sculptures and columns. Nearby is the Port Sunlight Museum documenting the history of the village where you'll also find a rather quaint shop stocked to the brim with plenty of vintage wares including bars of the classic Sunlight Soap.

The Port Sunlight museum also houses a rather elegant tea room where you can wind down with a spot of tea and cake, the tea room however is only open from March until November, if the tea room is unfortunately closed you'll find a cafe located on the lower ground floor at the Lady Lever gallery.

Other notable buildings to see around the village include the Lyceum, Gladstone Theatre, Hesketh Hall & The Bridge inn public house. A walk around the village will certainly reveal plenty of architectural fancies and gorgeous greenery.

You can find Port Sunlight village off the A41, the village entrance is well sign posted from the roundabout (if heading in via Liverpool) and traffic lights (if heading in from Chester). Port Sunlight can also be reached by rail taking the merseyrail line from Liverpool - Chester.

Links of interest:, a comprehensive guide to the village and museum., all about the Lady Lever gallery and upcoming exhibtions.

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