Monday, 4 April 2016

British lingerie : a very modern affair

The British lingerie industry is booming, not just because of Mary Porta's campaign to revive the industry, but because of a handful of visionary designers who make it their job to see that modern women are well dressed in their exquisite lingerie. As interest in the vintage and the neo-burlesque have brought about a revival in classic style, interest in classic inspired and 'pin up' lingerie has boomed.

As the British lingerie industry has grown I've been keeping an eye on some of my favourites at the forefront of industry, ladies you're about to get an education in lingerie designers..

An exquisitely named label, Kiss Me Deadly have been creating lingerie of beauty since 2006. Taking inspiration from classic glamour, you could easily imagine Jane Russell lounging about in their signature girdles & corsets. With pieces draped in lace, satin & mesh and collections named after pin up artists and burlesque starlets, there's a perfect dash of cheekiness to their designs.

Often hailed as one of the first British companies to start the 'vintage inspired lingerie' revival, they've helped bring the seamed stocking back as a British staple, whilst also helping to get British lingerie on the screen; did you know that their lingerie was used in My week with Marilyn?, I could easily imagine Ms Monroe draped in their exquisite lingerie!

With a range of classic essentials, from the humble bullet bra to corselettes their collection is full of glamorous essentials for any modern ladies lingerie drawer.

A wonderful little find, a designer run operation Frantic about Frances is relatively new on the scene, having been in business since 2011, but they've already made quite a name for themselves with their colourful and kitsch designs adding a much needed pinch of cheekiness and cuteness to the British lingerie industry. From liquorice all-sorts prints to polka dots and strawberries, your lingerie drawer certainly won't be dull with these assortments of sweetness added to it.

A quaint British label which prides itself on making their lingerie in their own studio, using British materials including Nottingham lace, well you can't get more home-grown than that! With designs ranging from the classic, to the sumptuous and well just plain cute, certainly worth investing in a set of their handmade lingerie.

These designers are a mere tip of the lingerie iceberg as it were, a quick visit to online stores such as Rosebud & Salve and Joanna's Wardrobe will reveal even more British designers, it's certainly wonderful to see that the industry is bustling (if you'll pardon the pun!) and that a wealth of lingerie designers are out there.

Images: What Katie Did & Frantic About Frances

NB: This post was originally published in 2013 on the Tweed & Tea site, so some of the named lingerie collections and designs may no longer be available.

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