Thursday, 14 April 2016

Buy little & buy well made

In these times of austerity we're all snipping our budgets down in not so necessary areas of our life, the 'buy low & buy more' approach on the high street is still rife but in these times when funds are tight surely we should be encouraged to shop less where we can.

The problem with low priced attire is that it's never long lasting or well made, how many times have you tried on a dress on the high street that's been so ill fitting you couldn't get your arms or hips inside? Sadly too many high street retailers and even some big name designers are trying this tactic of late. Instead of settling for less why not settle for well made, long lasting attire? You'll find a great wealth of independent designers and tailors in the UK who are more than worth saving up those pennies for.

If we all turned towards buying less and instead buying well made items then we'd surely help to start a change, even the great Vivienne Westwood herself campaigns for buying less and she's behind one of the biggest designer labels, telling us to "Buy less, choose well, make it last,". By doing this we'd be helping to boost business for a vast range of well deserving retailers and tailors, surely at a time of austerity we should be supporting independent business over the big boys of the trade.

Choosing quality over quantity certainly makes sense, not just in times when money is tight but as a life long decision. The benefits you'll find of buying well made, long lasting attire will adorn your wardrobe for decades rather than a mere couple of years and that is more than a reward in itself for pennies well spent.

So next time you find yourself hovering over an item online, or taking an arm full of clothing into the changing room ask yourself do I really need these? Take time to examine the quality of those items you so desperately need and you may be surprised. Why not stop buying clothing for several months and save those funds that you would have spent aside to treat yourself to something really outstanding for your wardrobe.

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