Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Classic 50's style today : dressing neo-vintage

The 1950's were certainly iconic for fashion, you'll recognize several of the key styles from the decades that are still as influential today as they were then. Ready to wear clothing made it's debut in the 1950's creating a revolution in the fashion industry with mass produced clothing as we know today making it's first appearance, allowing women everywhere to have a world of choice in their wardrobe.

Key styles in the era included the pencil skirt to capri's, full skirts with petticoats, tight sweaters and of course the iconic Chanel suit. A revival in vintage clothing in recent years has seen these staple styles make quite a return with many companies & designers opting for vintage inspired styles, taking these iconic items on but giving them a modern twist. With staple pieces like the pencil skirt sadly relegated to the work wardrobe until it made a dashing comeback in recent years as part of the 1950's inspired pin up look.

With such a boom in vintage and classic styling it's never been easier to find 1950's inspired pieces, I take a look at just some of the selection of companies and shops where you can find the perfect 50's pieces.

Purveyors of vintage inspired fashion, 20th Century Foxy have a gorgeous selection of 1950's inspired dresses and separates, from tight wiggle dresses incorporating the pencil look to gorgeous swing style day dresses.

An abundance of vintage inspired pieces with a modern fit, from slinky tight pencil skirts, gorgeous capri's and cardigans for the perfect 'sweater girl' look. All limited edition pieces so you can be sure that you've got a gorgeous unique piece in your wardrobe.

By far the largest range of 1950's inspired pieces you'll find, Collectif have a wide range of clothing with plenty of styles to tickle your fancy. Whether you want a colourful swing dress, the perfect tight knitted top, a darling high waisted pencil skirt or denim capri's you'll find it amongst their catalogue of styles.

A gorgeous selection of classic wiggle dresses from evening wear to day dresses and slinky knitwear for that tight sweater look.

Home of the classic 1950's circle dress, their gorgeous halter-neck frock is available in so many styles you'll find one for every occasion, of course it's not just about the circle dress you'll also find gorgeous sarong wrap dresses to capri jeans amongst their range of classic styles.

A shop full of 1950's inspired wares from a wide range of slinky dresses, gorgeous pencil skirts and even swimwear cut to classic 50's styles that are perfect for the summer.

A collection of 1950's inspired classic pieces from pencil skirt suits with a nod to the iconic Chanel suit, to swing and pencil cut dresses in classic colouring.

A great selection of more casual 1950's inspired wares, from breton stripe style t-shirt dresses, to tight sweaters and a wide range of jeans in 50's styles.

I've barely bitten off the full selection of 1950's inspired shops here but my list should help you on your way to finding some perfect neo-vintage wares without the fret of worrying about vintage sizing.

Images: 20th Century Foxy & Collectif

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