Monday, 11 April 2016

Dr Sketchy's : Art with a touch of "oh la la!"

Art is whatever you make of it, it's something that you shouldn't be afraid to take part in and it should be enjoyed by all, perhaps this is why the global phenomena that is Dr Sketchy's has taken over the world with such success.

Dr Sketchy's is an art class with a difference, founded by artist Molly Crabapple in 2005 in New York with the concept of drawing glamorous performers in an atmosphere of boozy conviviality, a wonderful extravagant and tipsy art class, I was sold as soon as I saw the description.

The wonderful thing with Dr Sketchy's is that all are encouraged to take part, not just keen artisans, so you can be a complete novice at drawing and still attempt to turn those random lines into something visual. Of course the only real restriction is the age limit on the door, for me though that's another bonus as you won't find any lusty pre-teens lurking in the background.

It's in a nutshell, a life drawing class with a difference, the models are usually burlesque performers in an often themed outfit, from tea parties to absinthe fairies and lotus flower beauties, so instead of those awkward blushes at drawing naked strangers you get to draw a (mostly) clothed burlesque beauty, adding a spark of creativity to the class.

If you've barely put pencil to paper before it's a wonderful introduction to the art of drawing, as well as being an entertaining night out, with neo-burlesque taking such a stronghold of late it's a perfect combination of cabaret meets art class, so you can still feel a little arty in between the performances and sips of g & t.

Since those first few classes Dr Sketchy's has become a worldwide empire, taking over 100 cities across the world, from Tokyo to Vienna including a mammoth 20 branches here in the UK alone. It would seem that us brits have taken quite a shining to the Dr Sketchy's concept with classes in most cities from Leeds to London, so it's rather easy to find a local branch where you can join in and partake of a boozy evening of sketching.

To find your nearest class take a gander at the Dr Sketchy's UK branch list, who knows it come become a regular social outing on your calendar.

Images: Dr Sketchy's New York

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