Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ed's Easy Diner : Americana on your plate

With a love of vintage sweeping the country we're taking a shining to everything that reminds us of the good ol'days, where better to explore your love of 50's kitsch then an American style diner. Ed's is a little slice of 50's culture, an American style diner which first opened its doors in Soho over 25 years ago, since then they've been slowly taking over the country, with diners opening up from Cardiff to Cheshire.

So what makes this slice of 50's kitsch so well loved? Ed's have certainly got the 50's look down to a 'T', all of their diners are filled with vibrant red booths and stools, adorned with vintage coin juke boxes on tables, tissue dispensers and even 50's styled artwork on the walls. The look is certainly what you'd expect from a 50's diner.

Of course the look is just one part of the experience, Ed's menu is choc full of classic American diner dishes, from the staple hamburger to cheese fries and chilli dogs, even their signature milkshakes. If you've got a 'hankering' for classic 50's food you won't be disappointed.

Their burgers are a treat that has to be sampled, all done medium well giving them that juicy but crisp taste, with classic toppings as an accompaniment from griddled onions, cheese and barbecue sauce for a sweeter taste, to a generous portion of lettuce, tomato & dill pickle for a tasty crunch, you certainly won't be disappointed. If you prefer chicken or a vegetarian option for their burgers they've got that on offer too.

Their hot dogs are by far the tastiest I've found, albeit a bit messy but that's all part of the experience! And for side dishes their Atomic fries must be tried, a large portion of their chunky fries are served with portions of cheese, chilli, sour cream, guacamole & their signature jalapeno jelly on the side, a tasty dipping experience.

Top that off with their signature milkshakes, by far the creamiest I've tasted and the most generous portion I've ever had, delicious malts and coke floats (it's a pudding and a drink in one!) and you've got one tasty, filling treat. Did I mention that their milkshakes are also available as boozy alco-shakes?! For that weekend tipple treat!

A trip to Ed's is certainly an experience worth trying, you won't be disappointed.

Ed's Easy Diner has locations across the UK with five London diners including the original Soho's diner, as well as diners from Birmingham (Selfridges) to Swindon, visit their site to find a diner or shake stand near you,www.edseasydiner.com.

First time at Ed's? Try one of their combo plates with some of their burgers & hot dogs on offer alongside some tasty sides.

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