Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Patisserie Valerie : Sweet fancies

As a nation of food lovers we certainly can't get enough cake, it's goes perfectly with tea whatever the occasion, whether it's a celebration or simply a spot of sweet toothed indulgence.. With coffee chains taking over the country it's certainly a welcome change of pace to see a chain of cake shops across the UK, Patisserie Valerie is a welcome sweet addition to the city high street with an abundance of indulgent treats and fancies across their menu.

Patisserie Valerie first opened it's doors back in 1926 with their Soho Patisserie, bringing continental treats to London. Naturally the concept took off rather well with further shops following suit, opening up across the UK in the decades that followed. Nowadays Patisserie Valerie stays true to it's roots with an art deco feel to the decor that adorns every branch, Toulouse-Lautrec inspired cartoons adorn the walls with notes of mirrored detail and florals.

Of course it's not just about the decor, the food is what makes the place, famed for their continental inspired patisserie and cakes which stay true to traditional methods of baking resulting in their award winning treats of fancy.

Patisserie Valerie certainly have a wonderful selection of treats, with seasonal menus and subtle differences between each shop resulting in a feast of decadent treats. Their patisserie and cakes certainly can't be beat, with eye catching displays adorning their windows where you can view the days freshly baked offerings, varying from dainty macaroons to generous portions of gateau and fruit tarts. From individual portions available to take out and dine in, to lavish cakes to order, it's certainly worth a dine in to sample their menu of delights which are as scrumptious as they are pretty.

Hearty portions of cakes adorn their menu, their gateau's are certainly one to try, and fruit tarts that are individual works of art, laden with hidden layers of cream, washed down with a pot of tea for an afternoon treat.

Of course you'll also find plenty of other sweet treats on offer from speciality gelato ice creams to cream teas, and if a sweet treat doesn't take your fancy they also have a full breakfast and lunch menu.

One that's certainly worth a visit if you have a rather sweet tooth and can't get enough of delicious cream filled cakes.

With branches across the UK you won't find yourself too far from one of their patisserie's, alternatively you can have Patisserie Valerie bring the cake to you with options to order available on their website you can find a full list of cafes across the country.

First time at Patisserie Valerie? Treat yourself to one of their fruit tarts and a pot of red berry tea for a fruity treat.

Images: Patisserie Valerie

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