Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Plucking those brows : it won't pinch, much!

Mention plucking your own eyebrows to some and they'll wince at the thought of it, others like myself think nothing of it, when you've been self-plucking for over 15 years you tend to develop an 'insensitivity' to it. But self-plucking is an invaluable skill and once you've mastered the art of plucking those brows you won't feel the need to rush to the nearest salon whenever your brows need taming.

The most important thing you'll need is a good set of tweezers, too blunt a pair and you'll barely pluck the hair out, a good quality sharp pair of tweezers will last a lifetime. A good brow pencil or kit is a great tool for finishing off, you'll know from experience which you prefer so it's best to try a couple of brands out, for me E.l.f's Studio eyebrow kit is a little miracle worker, the brush makes it easy to both style and shape those brows.

You'll know what style you like, when trying to self pluck for the first time its best to let those hairs grow out a little so you know where to pluck around your preferred eyebrow shape. If however you'd prefer to start from a step by step guide, this tutorial by Va Voom Vintage is a great starting point.

To start brush your brows with an eyebrow brush this will give you a better indication of where needs plucking, it's an unwritten rule of sorts that you should never pluck above the brow you want to concentrate underneath the brow, this will give your brows that defined shape.

It's best to start plucking after a bath or shower as the heat will open your pores making it easier and far more painless to pluck those hairs, it you find a few hairs a little troublesome pull your eyebrow slightly and pluck but a good quality tweezer should remove those hairs effortlessly.

Remove your hairs using a light plucking motion, concentrating on those rogue hairs to re-define your shape. Take time to stop and examine your handy work this also ensures that you don't get pluck happy and over pluck, believe me we've all done it from time to time..

Don't rush to apply your make up straight away after plucking, I find it's best to pluck my brows an hour before applying make up to give them time to rest. Although applying moisturiser afterwards is a great way to soothe the skin whilst sticking to your daily regime.

When styling your brows afterwards it's best to follow your brow line, simply follow the shape you've plucked and they'll define themselves. If you're using an eyebrow pencil give your brows a slow brush over to define the shape.

The first few times you self pluck it may seem a little painful and hard especially when looking in the mirror at yourself plucking each hair out, but after time it will become easier, you'll get to know what methods you prefer and develop your own regime.

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