Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Putting the hair net to shame : a history of the snood

The classic snood may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a classic vintage hair style but it's certainly one of the most useful hair accessories you can wear. A classic piece of hair wear which dates back to the middle ages, snoods have often been used to hold back long locks of hair. They were even the height of fashion in the 1860's, but we mostly associate the snood from classic war time imagery, being worn by working women.

They're certainly a striking and effective piece of hair wear, often worn pinned to the crown of the head covering the majority of the hair, mostly worn for their practicality. They certainly make for a great way to hold back long hair and look far more glamorous than the nylon hair net for holding back hair in the workplace, the look is often glammed up with victory rolls of pin curls at the top of the hair.

Today the snood has seen a revival and it's worn often to accompany vintage inspired looks, certainly a great way to tuck in your hair on a lazy day. Snoods today are often made in the traditional wool style although some inventive adaptations have been made using vintage scarves to create the same look.

When it comes to styling your hair to fit in with your snood you can choose to create victory rolls, pin curls or create a simple style, I've found some handy tutorials for easy vintage styles to adorn with your snood on you tube.

Of course to create the look you'll need to get your own snood, luckily several retailers stock their own version of the snood today you can find classic wool snoods at Vivien of Holloway,Swing gear & a rather darling bow version at 20th Century Foxy. If you'd like to try something a little different Mrs Bee vintage dressmaker makes a darling vintage scarf version of the snood.

Once you've got your snood you can adapt it in to your day to day wardrobe, you certainly won't shy away the next time you have a bad hair day, you can put together a few quick rolls and pop your snood on, they'll be non-the-wiser!

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