Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A spot of tipple : Rhubarb and ginger cocktail

A tasty autumn tipple, warm your cockles with this spicy cocktail that certainly has a bit of a kick.

 50ml rhubarb infused gin (see instructions below)
 75ml apple juice
 50ml ginger beer

Firstly create your rhubarb gin by placing 250g of rhubarb with a dash of sugar into a bottle of gin to infuse for a month, so you'll need to plan this tasty tipple in advance.

After a month of infusing strain the gin mix and decant into a bottle and your ready to go!

Top a highball glass up with ice and mix together the gin infusion with the apple juice, top up with ginger beer and add the garnish of your choice.

Best drunk: when you fancy a tasty winter warmer on those cold dark nights.

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