Thursday, 19 May 2016

A touch of hair diy : colouring at home

Who says that you need to pay absurd amounts of money to achieve that beautiful faux red do or a delightfully dark beehive, why pay the professionals to do it when you can easily achieve that look at home for a snippet of the price. The home 'diy' dye may seem a tad unconventional for some but once you've tried it you certainly won't look back, besides if it's good enough for Dita to do who says you can't dye your hair yourself!

A trip to the salon can often be a bit of a minefield for those of us who prefer to go for vintage inspired styles, often than not the hairdresser has that glazed look in their eyes when you say you want a Clara Bow inspired bob or a blond do to match Jane Mansfield's. Doing it yourself is certainly in with the vintage mindset, so why not give a go for your new hair colour.

It may seem like another world stepping into your local store to find the perfect shade to go for, with an abundance of shades and types to choose from just where do you start? Do you brave the new fangled looking colour foam or go for a pack of semi permanent dye, if you've barely touched a packed of hair dye in the past it can be a bit daunting at first. It's best to go for a classic crème or gel dye rather than a foam dye as these can be tricky to use even as a mastered home dyer for years.

When it comes to finding the perfect shade though it can often take time, most stores tend to stock natural shades with an abundance of brunettes and blondes amongst the ranges, for those wanting to go black or red it may be a case of finding a few shades amongst the shelves, anything else a little brighter may be a case of lightening using a blonde dye and following up with a semi permanent shade in the colour of your choice.

Of course it goes without saying, check the shade indicators on the box to see if the colour will take to your natural shade, those of us with naturally darker shades may sadly find that some light shades don't take too well, unless you fancy lightening to a blonde shade first.

Shade selected, you may want to invest in some handy diy essentials such as hair grips, tint brushes, shower caps and spare disposable gloves, a tub of vaseline won't go a miss either, a quick tab under your hairline could spare you the nightmare of scrubbing away a dark blue line from your black dye job.

When it comes to the dye job itself, set yourself up with your essentials to hand alongside the dye kit. A tint brush comes in handy to separate hair strands using the fine tooth comb end and applying dye to those tough to reach roots, simply follow the instructions in the packet and you can't go wrong. You may want to tuck your hair into a shower cap whilst the dye sets or clip it up using grips.

Once you've rinsed and washed your hair you may want to style it in place as you dry your hair, your wonderfully vibrant new tresses should be revealed, an instant boost to your look and an easy way to change colour, all at a snippet of the salon price, once you've tried it you certainly won't look back.

Images: Flickr Commons

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