Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A very vintage day out in Liverpool

Home to some of the countries biggest fashionistas, Liverpool is perhaps one of the few places where you can overdress and not stand out like a sore thumb, a city where fashion is celebrated and adorned so it's no surprise that the city is brimming with vintage inspiration.

Still beaming from the success of it's Capital of culture year back in 2008 the city has certainly had a revival not just in culture but in it's bustling shopping quarters. A city already steeped in history with it's infamous docks and beautiful architecture overlooking the river Mersey you can certainly spend a cultural, vintage day out in the city.

So just where do you go for a day in the city? For a day out in the city you certainly can't go wrong starting off with a spot of shopping, Liverpool's cultural quarter along Bold Street is certainly choc full of vintage shops and style where you can easily spend a happy hour flitting in-between shops.

Starting at Bold street you'll almost be spoilt for choice for vintage shops with a mixture of eras along the street from the era most associated with the city the 60's paying a particular strong hold in several of the shops such as Pop Boutique with it's 60's staples and reproduction wares, to Little Red Vintage with a mix of 60's-70's wares inside. A good place to stop by which may surprise you at first is Soho's, well known for it's alternative style their Bold Street shop is actually full of vintage attire with a great selection in store at more than affordable prices you could easily come away with a new vintage wardrobe for a small price.

Off Bold Street, Hardman Street is also home to some vintage gems such as Bullet which has a gorgeous range of vintage and their own reproduction wares, and The Jumble People a vintage collective where you can find a vast range of vintage wares.

A visit to Grand Central on Renshaw Street is also worth noting for the gorgeous chandelier heavy architecture inside alone, a primarily alternative collective of stores but you will find some vintage treasures on the lower ground floor such as Miss Millies with some beautiful pieces of costume jewellery.

After all that shopping you'll need a good refresher, thankfully the city is home to several diners and foodie places worth visiting, Rockafellas on Bold street is a must visit the cities only 50's diner which serves up a hefty menu of American treats (Update 2014 - unfortunately this restaurant has now closed, but you may want to visit Eds diner by Liverpool One!). If you prefer a simple brew instead Leaf further up Bold Street serves a great selection of teas and of course cake as a tasty accompaniment, whilst Cafe Tabac has more of a 70's feel with its boho vibe offering food and cocktails for a boozy lunch.

If you feel like taking in a spot of the cities culture a visit to the Tate on the Albert docks is a must, further up into Liverpool's city centre the Walker Art gallery is another must visit where you'll also find some of the cities finest architectural delights.

You certainly won't be short of things to do in Liverpool with fringe events from vintage fairs to fashion shows cropping up across the city year round, the cities infamous cavern club and of course plenty of designer boutiques and shops, why not take a walk around and see what you can find.

Images: Bullet & Rockafellas

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