Monday, 2 May 2016

Collecting vintage : Perfume bottles

Every night stand and dressing table needs a few adornments and what better to choose than perfume bottles, even today you'll find a world of pretty, elegant designed perfume bottles that can add that finishing touch but there are times when you can't beat vintage.

Perfume bottle design can be a fine art, vintage bottles especially with hand crafted glass bottles adorned in colours and patterns with moulded shapes and decor to create something that is truly beautiful. From adornments such a bottle stoppers and atomisers adding that unique touch, whilst modern days perfume bottles can be pretty you rarely find such attention to detail as you will on a vintage bottle.

When it comes to collecting vintage perfume bottles you can certainly be spoilt for choice with commercial and decorative bottles on the market you can choose to collect vintage fragrance bottles such as Dior and Chanel to decorative bottles designed to store your favourite fragrance. With decorative bottles however you really are spoilt for choice with such a variety of styles and designs on the market, from the elegant art nouveau bottles adorned with elegant bottle stoppers to pretty atomisers bottles, often referred to as pump bottles.

Of course collecting vintage perfume bottles can be one of the more expensive ways to collect vintage, if you prefer to simply collect a few bottles for décor you can find plenty of designs and styles on the vintage market from shops to fairs where you can easily pick up an affordable bargain, if however you prefer to start collecting bottles as more of a hobby you may prefer to look towards antiques fairs and shops to online auctions where you can find rare designs and styles.

With all vintage pieces take the time to inspect the bottles, with atomisers for instance the rubber pump can often harden over time meaning that you have more of a decorational bottle than one you can actually use. With decorated bottles adorned with gilt and stones take time to check the condition, glass bottles can scratch and chip easily so be sure to check for signs of wear.

You can find a world of designs that catch your eye that will certainly add a finishing touch to any room, whether you prefer glass to bakelite, steel bottle tops to glass bottle stoppers, or atomisers, each with their own unique touches.

Images: Flickr commons & Catherine Risi Rose Paintings

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