Saturday, 28 May 2016

Knit one purl one : modern day knitting

Gone is the image of a dowdy old lady knitting away baby clothes and scarves, knitting's certainly come into fashion in this modern day and age with knitting becoming a 'must do' craft and even becoming somewhat rebellious, just how did knitting become so popular?

Look through the magazine racks at any newsagents and you'll find far more knitting magazines than you could sensibly flick through, knitting has certainly become a more popular craft in recent years with it almost becoming a fashionable trend. Of course the world of wool has certainly come on a long way in the past few decades with fashionable wool blends now available in all sorts of alluring styles from pretty pastel coloured merinos to sparkling ribbon knits, these glamorous wools are certainly tempting and you can easily see how the trend has grown.

Patterns have also glam'ed up a lot in recent years, no longer are knitting patterns the stuff of baby hats and Christmas jumpers, you'll find pretty knitted tops, berets and even gorgeous evening purses amongst knitting books and magazines, knitting it would seem is no longer confined to the older generation.

We've certainly taken to knitting as a skill and as a pastime, it's been passed down from generation to generation and become not just a valuable skill but a way to create your own clothing from scratch. As crafting has become more mainstream thanks to programmes such as Kirsty's home made home inspiring viewers to turn their hands to crafting, knitting has of course been picked up along the way as a must try craft. Retailers have certainly seen a growth in sales of wool and knitting tools in the past few years which seems to have also come about alongside this boom in crafting.

Why wear something that's off the shelf when you can knit your own cardigan or dress? There is a certain joy in making something for yourself, knowing that nobody else is wearing that exact same item, made in that exact style, shade or wool blend. It's certainly easy to see why and how knitting has become such a popular craft today.

It's certainly easier than ever to find those crucial knitting supplies with plenty of wool shops in every town and city to large chains stores such as Hobbycraft opening up in retail outlets nationwide and we certainly aren't complaining!

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