Friday, 20 May 2016

So wrong it's right, the krispy kreme 'luther' burger

We all like unusual culinary combinations, mixing sweet with sour, sweet with savoury, so why not mix savoury meat with the sweet sugary taste of a donut! The Krispy Kreme burger, aka the luther has been baffling many a palate for years and now it's temporarily landed here in the UK as part of Ed's diners celebrations at Selfridges in the Bullring.

The krispy kreme burger, named the luther is said to have been created by Luther Vandross, who ran out of a buns during a barbecue and opted to substitute the burger bun for a Krispy Kreme ring donut. The luther tends to vary from place to place with some opting to serve it as a classic burger with cheese and bacon, to others serving it with a fried egg, either way the key similarity with all of the variations is the use of a Krispy Kreme glazed ring donut split in the middle to form a bagel style bun which the burger is placed between.

It certainly seems like an unusual combination at first, placing a sweet bun around the already sweet bacon on top of the burger and cheese, the calorific count of the burger itself tends to vary from source to source but according to the diners staff it surprisingly contains less calories than their regular cheeseburger, that certainly dispels the myth that it's a calorific treat.

It's surprising that no diner has thought of creating their own take on the luther burger here in the UK before, it's perfectly fitting for Selfridges ten year celebrations, combining food from two of the department stores key food outlets together, Ed's diner is already next to the Krispy Kreme stand churning out thousands of the delicious donuts every day, a delicious merger of the two simply had to be done.

The burger itself is a combination that you wouldn't dream possible at first, the sweet sugary donut oddly complements the burger, placing it with cheese and bacon certainly works I couldn't imagine it mixing well with their original burger, donuts and lettuce anyone?!, so they've certainly chosen the flavours well whilst paying homage to original luther burger.

The Ed's take on the luther burger is being served on their menu during the ten year celebrations as a limited edition treat ending on the 8th September, we hope it's a test run more than anything else to roll this culinary wonder out across their diners UK wide.

Images: Eds Easy Diner

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