Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A decadent chocolate experience in the heart of the city : Bon Bon Chocolate boutique

Imagine heady aromas of exquisite dark chocolate, decadent sweets and rich velvety smooth milk chocolate, your taste buds could easily go into overload. Thanks to Bon Bon Chocolate Boutique in Manchester you can do just that, an artisan chocolatier and café that whips up a rather unique and exquisite taste experience.

Bon Bon Chocolate boutique has already caused quite a stir since they first opened their doors late last year, a chocolatier that hand makes their delicious chocolates in store alongside an exquisite selection of treats.

Nestled on St John Street in the Northern Quarter their chocolate boutique is a most welcome find and stop off to sample some delightful treats. With a wide range of handmade chocolates in store alongside signature hot chocolates and cakes served up in their cafe.

They certainly know their chocolate, you won't find the same old flavours in here they've concocted an abundance of unique and rather tasty flavours to sample from salted caramel truffles to coconut and lemongrass, they certainly know their flavours and they've created a selection of delectable treats to try.

As you enter their boutique the delicious aromas hit you, lined up on their counter you'll find a sumptuous selection of chocolates to tempt, if your after a unique taste experience you simply must try a few.

For true indulgence a visit to their in store cafe must be done, their signature hot chocolate is a must, delightfully rich and smooth you won't find a more decadent hot chocolate in the city. For a truly extravagant experience why not try one of their truffles with your hot chocolate or if you fancy something more substantial you'll find a delicious selection of cakes made using their exquisite chocolate.

It's a delightfully delicious experience that must be tried, you may even find yourself taking several boxes of the good stuff home with you..

The chocolate boutique and cafe is open Weds-Sunday weekly, why not pay them a visit for some deliciously moreish treats next time you find yourself in Manchester.

Images: Bon Bon Chocolate Boutique

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