Monday, 6 June 2016

A little peek into the history of the victory roll

When you think of vintage hair styles the Victory roll is often the first style that comes to mind, one of the most re-created vintage styles the Victory roll has certainly become popular again today. A classic style that's easier to create than you'd think, a simple roll here and there can create a gorgeous little hair 'do, but how did the victory roll come about? And how did it become so widely loved today?

The Victory roll is one of the most iconic hairstyles to come out of the 1940's, often associated with war time imagery the victory roll is said to be named after fighter plane manoeuvres during world war II. The planes would create an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area and inspired many patriotic civilians to adopt the name in honour of the soldiers returning home. The victory roll is also said to be named after it's iconic V shape which the style often mimics when styled upright.

During the 1940's women were wearing their hair much longer than in previous decades so the style was quick to take off, one that creates a soft curled look but also enabled women to keep their hair up and away from their faces whilst in the workplace.

This of course was also a time of austerity and the victory roll was a style that could easily be created using even the most unusual of styling tools, the humble pipe cleaner was often used to style and shape victory rolls, how many women today could substitute their much adored rollers and pins for a set of pipe cleaners?!

Still looking glamorous in a time of war is certainly inspirational and it's easy to see how the victory roll has come back into fashion today, with vintage style becoming so well loved it would seem that the most historic of hairstyles from the era has become one of the most popular vintage styles today. The victory roll has even made it's mark in high fashion with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier adopting the iconic style for his Spring/Summer 2012 show.

It's a style that can easily be played about with, whether you choose to create the classic V shape rolls of use them to create a rolled style that adds a touch of glamour to your look, it's an easily adaptable vintage style that certainly looks set to stay tight upon many a barnet for decades to come.

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