Monday, 20 June 2016

A very vintage day out in Nottingham

A pretty city that's rich in history, Nottingham is the perfect stop off for a vintage day out. With an abundance of shops across the city, it's cobbled streets and pretty scenery make for a rather pleasant experience and you really will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping vintage!

Located in the East Midlands, this city is home to many a vintage shop and delightful tea room. It's tram laden streets will take you on a whistle stop tour around the city, and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you'll find.

For vintage shopping you really can't beat the choice in Nottingham, this city is full of vintage shops to the point that you almost won't know where to start! An easy stop off however is Hopkinson's on Station street, just across the road from the train station, so you really won't need to go far to find this emporium of vintage finds. With three floors of vintage and antique sellers there's plenty to see. Nearby there's London boots on Castle Boulevard if you just adore rockabilly attire, with a vast selection of clothing including a few vintage finds in store.

From there the rest of the city's vintage shops are located to the east side of the city centre, you'll find plenty of shops to browse amongst the winding streets. Over on Pelham street you'll find Wild clothing which has two floors of vintage finds, mostly 60's - 80's era items with a mixture in stock. Alongside Braderie which stocks a variety of vintage and new attire.

Then over to Trinity walk where you'll find Vintage to a tea, a delightful find that's full of vintage attire, accessories and homewares from the 1930's - 1970's (Update 2016 - Vintage to a tea has now unfortunately closed). Up from there a visit to Baklash will unveil more vintage finds with a mixture of vintage and new attire in stock.

Daphne's handbag on Mansfield road is another gem to visit, with a vast selection of clothing, accessories and homewares to browse.

Just further up if you fancy more modern vintage inspired attire pay a visit to Frock on Forest road east, then heading out of the city there's also Celia's vintage clothing which is worth a visit for some wonderful hidden gems.

After all that walking you'll need a good sit down, Nottingham has plenty of delightful tea rooms to visit across the city, one which you'll certainly need to pop into is White rabbit teahouse on Hounds gate, a quaint little tea room that serves up plenty of home made cakes and tea. Alongside Homemade on Pelham street with a tasty selection of treats.

Annies burger shack on Broadway serves up tasty burgers and hot dogs if you fancy something with more of a retro, 50's feel to it. If you prefer a spot of tipple you may want to visit Tilt, the city's only blues bar or their sister venue The pelican, a jazz club and bar. The glee club holds burlesque nights to tickle your fancy including bi-monthly Dr Sketchy's classes.

Nottingham certainly has plenty to do, on any weekend you could find a vintage fair popping up alongside plenty of boutiques to visit alongside it's vintage shops. Simply take an exploratory walk around the city and see what you can find.

Images: Hopkinson & Vintage to a tea

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