Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Celebrating a decadent 20 years, the ever triumphant My Life Story

Quite simply put My Life Story are by far one of the most decadent and outlandish bands you'll find, a whimsical array of orchestral pop that has to be experienced. Imagine a full blown orchestra turned around on itself into a sultry little thing that enthralls you instantly, they certainly were a wonderfully unique experience when they emerged in the nineties to ruffle up the music industry in a flurry of foxy horns and seductive violins.

A rather unique experience musically, My Life Story were a glorious orchestral delight abundant with strings, horns and drums that pieced together the unique musical vision of front man Jake Shillingford who made the orchestra sexy again. Their 'Sex and violins' tag line made a witty take on their music as they trussed forth into the charts, their debut album "Mornington Crescent" is a wonderful little entrance to their music full of witty quips and sassy tones.

Granted it was their second album "The golden mile" which thrust them into the limelight at the height of britpop, their orchestral pop was a refreshing change to the laddish sounds in the charts earning them a remarkable five top forty hits with each single released from the album from the gloriously decadent "12 reasons why" to "Strumpet" which certainly put them in high demand.

What they did for the orchestra was certainly a wonderful thing, in their first two albums they managed to create grandiose, whimsical and entrancing music that more than caught your attention. After hitting a musical high with their grand orchestra they turned things down a notch for their third album "Joined up talking" with more of a laid back electronic, guitar driven sound, still the witty notes and whimsical joy that made their music so enjoyable were present.

After hitting so many highs they quietly parted ways in 2000, news of their reformation for a string of one off shows in 2006 was certainly welcome and ever since they've been putting on one off shows for the past few years proving that there is still plenty of interest, so when news broke of their 20th anniversary tour it was more than welcomed. Unlike their previous one off shows their latest tour takes them beyond the confides of London taking to a generous handful of UK cities with their stripped down band. If ever there was anything that you were to do this winter make sure that you head along to one of their shows and overdress, indulge and let the orchestral experience take you back, just don't take their 'sex and violins' tag line too literally...

You can find out more and view their winter tour dates

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Originally posted on in 2014.

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