Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Classic hair styling : The Bettie Page fringe

When it comes to vintage inspired fringes you can't beat the classic Bettie Page styled fringe, her iconic signature U shaped fringe has almost become a trademark. Legend has it that she was told she had a high forehead and was advised to cut herself a fringe to disguise it. That fringe has certainly gone down in history and gone on to adorn many a barnet over the decades.

The Bettie Page fringe is one of those styles that's often re-created however it's sadly one which most hairdressers can't seem to get right, how many times have you asked a hairdresser to create the style and been given a confused look, it's one of those styles that as iconic as it is some hairdresser's just can't get it right.

It's a style that admittedly is best tried yourself, unless you are lucky enough to be London bound where you can find a handful of outstanding rockabilly and vintage hairdressers who can re-create the style with ease. It will take time to master the art of the Bettie fringe but once you've mastered the technique you needn't go to the hairdressers for a fringe trim again!

It's not as nerve racking as you'd imagine to create the classic Bettie fringe, you need a few essentials tools, a steady hand and your ready to go. You'll need a few basic essentials to get started:

 Fine tooth comb
 Good quality hairdressing scissors, try places like Superdrug and Wilkos for an affordable pair
 Hair clips

For those of you already with a fringe this will be a walk in the park, if your going all the way and braving snipping off those long locks to create a fringe you will find this a little more tasking, follow each step carefully and always make sure that your happy with where your snipping before you get scissor happy.

For those without a fringe to start, use your comb and section off the amount of hair that you want to be your fringe-paying careful attention to symmetry as you do so, make sure that your happy with the section you've separated off.

Keep the rest of your hair back with hair clips so as to avoid it getting in your way as you work. Make sure hair is combed flat and is completely dry since wet hair will have a tendency to draw up and leave you with a shorter fringe than you want.

Cut the hair straight across at first, using your eyebrows as a guide to start, and again, keeping in mind that you will probably be nipping them under, which will make them appear even shorter.

For those of you already with a fringe this is where you'll be stepping into the tutorial, starting at the centre point of your fringe this is where your fringe will be at it's longest in terms of length, imagine how far up your want your U shape to go, do you want it to sweep up dramatically at the sides or do you want a more subtle curve to your fringe? Think of the shaping you want and how much you want to take off to create it.

Start to cut from the centre towards the first side, don't rush it, take it slowly and snip each section to shape one snip at a time, you'll want to make the fringe curve upwards towards the sides so snip a little more off as you gradually work your way towards the sides, take time to examine your handiwork and make sure that you are happy with the length your going to cut off before you make that snip, hair of course grows back if you do make mistakes the first few times creating this fringe, so don't worry if it's not short enough or too short those first few goes.

Once you've cut one side, cut up to the other side to match, again taking time to ensure that your happy with the length being cut with each snip. Now stand back and examine your handy work, comb through the fringe to check for any stray strands that got away and even these out, gentle snips will take care of this.

To style a set of straighteners can add that extra bounce to the fringe, or blow dry to style with a round brush. The first few times will be a case of 'practice makes perfect' but you'll find that you can create it with ease over time, it's also a great way to save on trips to the hairdresser and it enables you to create your fringe as you like.

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