Monday, 6 June 2016

Deliciously grown up ice cream at Gingers comfort emporium

Remember how rebellious you felt as a child eating a scoop of Rum & Raisin ice cream, it's booze content may have been 0% but you didn't care because it tasted faintly of rum. Luckily as a grown up you can whole heartened revel in a world of delicious, booze addled ice cream with a cheeky streak thanks to the purveyors of all that's iced and creamed in an exquisite fashion, Gingers comfort emporium.

An ice cream van for grown up's, there's no fighting to get in front of the queues of kids to get these tasty cones, no, you'd best queue up under cover of darkness armed with a spoon to sample their tasty treats. Gingers comfort emporium have been providing those of us with a sweet tooth with their ice cream concoctions since their van first took to the road in 2010. Roaming the streets of Manchester and beyond with a selection of deliciously sinister and delightfully grown up ice creams.

If you can think of a flavour chances are they've made it, their book Melt which was released last year gives you a wondrous peek into their world of cheeky ice creams and some of the delightful flavours that you find on their van. From marmalade on toast to plum crumble, sloe gin fizz and even peanut butter and salted caramel, it's a foodies heaven.

Late last year saw them setting up a more permanent home in Manchester's infamous Afflecks, a delightfully fitting location for this emporium of treats, now you don't have to roam the streets after dark to find your ice cream fix.. The delightfully plush yet vintage styled interior makes for a lovely stop off to over indulge in an abundance of ice cream treats, their menu features not just a selection of tasty ice cream combinations but also devilishly good desserts like the French Elvis, slices of french toast filled with salted caramel and peanut butter ice cream with banana and raspberry sauce, because if your going to over indulge you really should do it well!

The choice of flavours is really quite over whelming you won't know where to start, but we certainly recommend trying one of the specials to sample something a little special off the menu.

Proving that ice cream isn't just a seasonal treat since they first opened at Afflecks late last year they've certainly proven to be a success with the regulars, and with flavours this deliciously decadent it's no wonder.

Why not over indulge the next time you find yourself in Manchester, you'll find their ice cream parlour on the first floor of Afflecks, Church street. Alternatively visit them online to find out when their ice cream van will be near

Images: Gingers comfort emporium

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