Thursday, 23 June 2016

Even vintage frames can find a new lease of a life for us bespectacled vintage darlings!

Have you ever found the perfect vintage frame and sighed to yourself thinking shame I can't get these made up with my prescription lenses, well the truth is actually you can! It's not as complicated a process as you'd imagine and you could soon be wearing those pretty horn rimmed frames everyday.

Vintage aficionados often find ourselves purring over vintage glasses, whilst it is even easier than before to find reproduction glasses made to look like the real thing there are sometimes when you find the perfect frame at a fair or shop that you just simply have to own, frames that torment you as you walk past whispering 'buy me!' and just look perfect when you try them on (even if you do have to squint face first into a mirror to admire them..).

I must admit that up until very recently I thought having a pair of vintage frames 're-glazed' with your own prescription lenses was an impossible task but truth be told it's actually easier than you'd imagine and most often than not a very possible task to complete.

Fitting new lenses to an old frame can be a bit of a complex task it all boils down to the strength of your prescription, is it quite low, for instance only +1.50, or is it quite high, for instance -7.00, the stronger the prescription the more complex the process becomes but for those of you with quite a low prescription it's an incredibly simple task. The issue with a stronger prescription of course is that the lens becomes thicker the higher up the prescription goes, you can thin the lens down to make it fit more comfortably into the frame but for very strong prescriptions this can on some occasions be a bit more complicated to master.

But for most prescriptions it's a rather straightforward process, thankfully thanks to sites like I need spex & Glasses direct this can be done in a jiffy. All you need is your pair of chosen frames, a previous glasses order and prescription to hand.

Choose what you wear them for; is it just to read or all the time (i.e distance); and enter your prescription details from your latest eye test. Next you'll insert your pupil distance from a previous glasses order, you can always cheekily ask your opticians for this, then add the additional extras you want to your order such as thinner lenses if you have a slightly high prescription (anything over +/-5.00 is considered to be high). Then simply post your frames off and they'll do all the fitting work for you, within a matter of days you'll have your perfect vintage glasses.

If you'd prefer to do this at your opticians you can easily take your chosen frame in with you and they'll go through the leg work of measurements and ordering for you, whilst going through the process with you.

To feed your vintage habit you may want to pay a visit to sites like I need spexDead mens spex and Roope vintage who all sell vintage frames to order, it's best to check the price prior to ordering as not all specs include prescription lenses.

Bottom images: Dead mens spex

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