Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Exquisite grown up sweets by Zukr Boutique

Do you remember the oversized fruit shaped jelly sweets that distant relatives would bestow upon you at christmas? They often looked far prettier than they tasted and all too often left you with a bitter but sugary taste in your mouth, thankfully lavish fruit sweets have come on a long way since then and Zukr Boutique have managed to perfect the ultimate grown up fruit sweet.

Named 'Pate de fruit' their delightful fruity sweets are gorgeous jelly like sweets with a rich, intense fruity taste, whether you fancy cherry, apricot or even banana they have a wonderfully sweet array to choose from. One bite is more than enough to win you over with an intense flavour and a gorgeously wibbly texture all dusted over in a sprinkling of sugar, they're almost like exquisite giant grown up fruit pastilles..

It's not just tasty fruity sweets that they do so well, Zukr boutique also have a wonderful range of grown up gourmet sweets from marshmallows to nougat and chocolate lollipops that are a thing of beauty. I rather favour their marshmallow truffles, gorgeously fluffy marshmallows which are coated in chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder, simply exquisite and a wonderfully (almost) guilt free treat.

But it's their range of marshmallows that stand out the most, with a vast range of flavours to choose from in some wonderful combinations, ever wanted a slightly boozy whisky and orange marshmallow? You'll find it here, or fancy wallowing in nostalgia with a strawberry and chocolate marshmallow that looks almost like a neopolitan ice cream? Their marshmallows are certainly unique when it comes to gourmet sweets and rather tasty..

Your certainly spoilt for choice and with introductory bundles available on their etsy shop you can really tempt yourself.. Find their full range of delicious treats online at zukrboutique.co.uk

Images: Zukr boutique

NB: I purchased a selection of their sweets myself, after being intrigued by the delicious sweets on offer at their site, so no free samples were received to sway my option with this write up. I simply wanted to share the love of their delightful sweets after buying them on a whim.

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