Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tea tasting notes : The Tea Shed's Earl grey

As the name suggests I like my tea here at Tweed & Tea, not a day goes by when I'm quaffing at least several cups of the stuff. I'm not too particular with my tea but I know a good cuppa when I spot one, so I'm putting our taste buds to the test and serving up my tea tasting notes.

First to go under the tea spoon is The Tea Shed's Mr grey's tea, their take on the classic Earl grey. A design led company with an impressive selection of tea's under their belt, their take on the earl grey is a rather quirky one, housed inside a paper cup box; that you can of course use for one of your brews on the go, the design certainly makes for a unique selling point making it stand out from other teas, but is their take on the blend as unique as their design?

Each cup contains 20 tea bags, their bag again is quite a unique design with a silky pyramid bag housing the tea, this style allows the tea leaves more room to move around the bag as they brew to truly unleash their flavour.

Their blend is described as "a delicious and aromatic Earl Grey, a favourite with The *TeaShed team. It is a black tea with the delicate edition of bergamot orange, which gives Earl Grey its distinctive flavour." Naturally I tried this brew both alone in a single cup and brewed in a tea pot to get the best judge of taste, this tea certainly needs 2 minutes optimum brew time too much longer and the flavour starts to become bitter. It's a rather pleasant flavour with delicate fragrant notes and not too strong a flavour either when brewed for 1-2 minutes.

It pairs rather well with a dash of milk, I find that this brings out it's flavour best as opposed to drinking it alone, and unlike some earl grey blends this doesn't have a strong bergamot after taste.

My overall verdict, this tea certainly proves that it isn't style over substance, a delightfully light brew that will certainly satisfy.

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