Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tea tasting notes : Teapig's Chai

You can't beat a good cup of chai, it's a heart warming, spicy brew that's an instant pick me up, it's a bit of a favourite.. A brew that's become more popular as we've developed a taste for more exquisite blends so it's one that you can guarantee to find quite easily. Teapig's take on the blend has certainly been causing a stir so I decided to give it a try.

Did you know that Chai is actually used to describe tea in many parts of the world? So it's no wonder it's name has been taken up to describe this spicy rich blend. Most chai blends are comprised of black tea, herbs and spices; namely ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, which gives this brew it's famous taste and spicy kick. There's naturally a few varying additional ingredients with each blend to add to the flavour from fennel to black pepper and aniseed, creating each unique take on the blend, the Teapig's blend of Chai features an addition of clove and cassia which add's to their Chai blend.

The Teapig's chai comes in their signature branded box, containing 15 silk pyramid tea bags, a little less than you may be used to with other tea brands but they certainly prove to be quality over quantity.

Described as "A gutsy Assam tea and an exotic mix of whole spices for a true taste of India." with a recommended brewing time of over 3 minutes to allow the brew to infuse. I tried this both brewed in a cup and a pot, this tea certainly tastes sweeter the longer you leave it to brew, I found it was actually rather nice to leave the tea bag stewing in the cup, allowing the flavours to fully infuse.

As for the taste it's a rather sweet yet spicy brew, aromatic and heady with a lovely cinnamon note, it tastes well both with and without milk and if you fancy trying something different it makes for a delicious chai latte with some frothy hot milk (yes like a home made version of a certain chain store drink..). I certainly recommend leaving it to brew for as long as possible to truly enjoy this blend. Whilst it may be a little pricier than other blends it's worth it for a lovely treat.

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