Sunday, 19 June 2016

The perfect gin with Martin Miller's

I've been experimenting with gin, a delightfully refreshing tipple with a clean, smooth and creamy texture, adored by many and it goes rather well with a generous lashing of tonic.. Of course any gin connoisseur wants to sample the best that they can get their hands on and I've been getting my cheeky taste buds around a bit of Martin Millers gin, one of the best independent gin's on the market.

Famed for their unique blend, Martin Millers gin was born out of love, obsession and some degree of madness, well we can all certainly attest to that at the best of times! A wonderfully refreshing gin, their original 80 proof blend certainly struck a cord with the great gin tasting public and it was from there that their Westbourne strength gin soon followed, and it's that delightful blend that I've been lucky to get my mitts on.

The title alone conjures up images of a decadent gin parlour housed in the elegant Portobello area, as for the gin itself, it takes inspiration from the original 80 proof blend with the same classic palette of botanical herbs but a higher 90 proof that certainly brings out the delightful flavours and makes it's perfect for cocktails, and well that's something that I'm rather fond of.

Your classic botanicals are brought into the blend; Juniper, Angelica, Liquorice root, Cassia Bark.. and they help to bring together the unique taste. The stronger alcohol content brings out these herbs in particular the juniper giving it a richer, spicier feel whilst still maintaining a soft and smooth finish.

As this blend is so perfect for cocktails I've been busy concocting and experimenting with some delightful flavours, subtle notes of peach and lemon come out with each different drink making for a delightfully refreshing taste. You'll be able to find some of my favourite cocktails here over the upcoming weeks that I've concocted with this blend.

But it's not just cocktails, your traditional g & t also benefits from this blend for perhaps one of the most refreshing gin and tonics you'll ever have, served straight with a lemon tonic it brings out a delightfully sweet taste in the gin.

Gin connoisseurs will simply adore this blend, whether served straight, in a cocktail or a g & t it's taste is certainly one that appeals to the palette and makes for a refreshingly different experience.

NB: For this post, I received this gin from Martin Millers to try out a few tasty conocotions for the site, as posted on This by no means reflects my option of their gin, it's in fact become my go to choice of gin since trying their tipple for numbers recipes you'll find on this site!

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