Friday, 22 July 2016

Grown up sweet shop favourites by Mr Stanley's.

Relive those fond sweet shop favourites with a cheeky grown up touch thanks to Mr Stanley's, a family run business that's been creating classic sweet treats since 1843, and boy, do they know their sweets!

Whether it's something traditional that takes your fancy, or something with a bit of a cheeky twist that you prefer, you'll find plenty of sweet treats amongst their range to tempt. A firm family favourite for many years, it's only since their expansion with several cheeky new recipes in recent years that's really seen them taking over sweet shops across the country.

From traditional classics, with their selection of delicious toffees and fudges, from classic butter fudge, to cheeky maple butter. Giving these classics a modern make over, but still retaining the traditional methods and flavours.

Their mixed white, dark, and milk chocolate honeycomb is just one of the many tasty examples you can find, amongst their sweet lemon coconut ice.

With plenty of treats to choose from, you'll really be spoilt for choice, from liquorice sticks, to raspberry ruffle bars, and jars of sour sweets. Even chocolate favourites like rose and violet creams get a look in, alongside classic Turkish Delight.

You'll certainly be spoilt for choice with all the sweet shop favourites to choose from, amongst a few cheeky extras with a grown up touch, like chilli thins, and marzipan fudge, enough to tempt any sweet tooth.

Shop the full range of delicious sweets and more at, and see what tempts you.

Images: Mr Stanley's

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