Friday, 8 July 2016

How to re-fill a vintage lipstick case.

They don't make lipstick cases like they used to, most often than not your new lipstick purchase will sit housed in a plain black plastic case. Where's the pretty gilt work, jewel adornment and delicate decor that we see on vintage cases? Most modern day lipsticks tend to come in a branded plastic container which doesn't tend to look as glamourous as it's vintage counterparts.

Fret not there's an easy way to glam up your lipstick by re-housing it in a gorgeous vintage lipstick case. Much like re-filling our pretty vintage compacts, refilling a vintage lipstick case needn't be a gruelling task, you can soon have your new lipstick sitting pretty in that delightful vintage case!

Once you've found that perfect vintage lipstick case you'll need to prep it ready for surgery.. Clean and sanitize your vintage lipstick case, cotton buds can work wonders to get any residual lipstick out of the case.

One technique which we've learnt about thanks to Dita Von Teese is freezing your lipstick tube, place your lipstick in the freezer for several hours, around 4 -5 hours tends to be an optimum amount of time so you may want to place this in the freezer first before sanitizing the vintage case. Remove the tube from the freezer and twist it all the way to the top so you can see the whole stick of lipstick, now comes the tricky part removing it from the tube.

Using a bit of baking parchment, wrap this around the lipstick and gently wiggle the lipstick back and forth until it becomes loose, gently pull it out and put aside. Take your vintage lipstick case and twist it all the way to the top so you can see the holder, take a lighter and lightly melt the bottom of the lipstick to soften it ready for placing in the tube, only do this for a few seconds.

Now place your lipstick into the holder and gently press down to ensure it's in place, twist the tube down and leave to rest, you should now have a rather pretty looking new lipstick!

You can also try another technique out to add lipstick to a vintage holder and melt down your lipstick to create an entire new tube for your vintage case, as demonstrated over at Voluptuous Vixen, this technique does require a little more patience and a steady hand but it's a great way to create your own using stubs from several of your lipsticks that would otherwise be thrown away. Read the tutorial here.

It certainly adds a touch of glamour to your make up bag and what better to take out with you, you definitely won't spot anyone else with a pretty case like yours! Now all you need to do is keep an eye out at your local vintage shop and fairs for the perfect case.

Images: Steptoe antiques & Pinterest

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