Thursday, 21 July 2016

Reproduction vintage, why it doesn't need to be such a dirty word..

We've all seen the countless debates, why should you wear a reproduction item when you could wear the real thing?, why improve on a perfect design with a modern update?, but what if you can't find the perfect vintage piece in your size or fit?, and what if you just can't find that elusive cocktail dress at all what do you do then? The answers quite simple, and it's doesn't need to be a dirty word, go for reproduction attire..

Yes, vintage is a perfect way to find something that's truly unique, with older items the likelihood of finding somebody else wearing the exact same dress is pretty slim, but despite the pro's of going vintage, reproduction attire does have its benefits, and plenty of them at that!

Reproduction wear is a great way to get a vintage design made using modern fabrics and techniques and at times it may not break the bank as much as it's original vintage counterpart. It's come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with more independent designers taking to reproduction vintage wear meaning that you don't always have to go for the bigger labels on the scene if you prefer to keep your look as unique as possible.

It's also expanded to so much more than just 1940's-1950's designs, sites like Putting on the ritz and Revival retro have recreated some astounding 1920's pieces that you'd often struggle to find. Design and attention to detail are certainly taken in with each reproduction designer to keep each piece as authentic as possible, designs aren't as mass produced as you'd expect and you can often find a wonderful little gem, sites like Hey Day in particular even offer their designs in a wide range of fabrics that stay true to the eras.

Reproduction vintage doesn't always have to be too costly either, much more widely produced items by labels like Collectif and Lindy bop are easily affordable and they don't skimp on the quality either. So you can fill your wardrobe up with darling day frocks at a snippet of the price expected.

But if you prefer to keep things as unique as possible there is an ever growing market of reproduction designers out there who can recreate the perfect item for you whilst keeping it as individual to you as possible. So, who said that reproduction vintage was such as dirty word, it's actually rather splendid.

Images: Putting on the ritz & Collectif

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