Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Take me to your cakes! : The BBC Good Food Show Bakes and Cakes show.

As far as debuts go, this is a delicious one, this October saw the debut of the BBC Good Food's Bakes and Cakes show, a more specialist show to their Good Food shows, concentrating solely on the sweet stuff, with plenty of cakes, and freshly baked treats in abundance.

For the first of it's kind it certainly made a good attempt at covering the broad spectrum of baking. With a showstopping schedule of interviews, baking masterclasses, and demonstrations lined up across the weekend, it look set to be a promising event, and whilst it didn't disappoint, there were a few problems that could be improved upon for their future Bakes and Cakes shows, with extremely limited spaces available for their masterclasses, it was almost a fight to the death for the chocolate making class... here's hoping that they take up some of the venue's larger spaces to spread these classes out more in the future.

But where the masterclasses did cause a rather tight squeeze, the interview stage made for a rather delightful, up close and personal experience, with plenty of viewing space across the gallery, here's hoping that being in such a close proximity to Paul Hollywood didn't cause a few fainting fits...

It was certainly all about the bakes, with a dedicated shopping area across the main section of the show, you could shop for baking supplies, to delicious treats from bakers across the country. With my particular highlights being the sweet cake stands of Angelina Cupcakes, The little round cake company, Kooky Bakes, The Tea Shed, and many others, who had delicious treats to buy, from pretty cupcakes to gigantic brownies and donuts, I swear, some of them were as large as my head!

For anyone who can't normally get to buy directly from these bakers it was a great shopping experience, with a chance to sample tasty baked treats, alongside buying those elusive, unusual, baking supplies, like flavoured icing sugars, and lego shaped chocolate moulds.

It certainly made for a pleasant day out, my only real problem was with the ticket price, which did seem a tad steep when compared to other baking specialist shows, but here's hoping that future shows come more in line with their Good Food Show prices.

All in all though, it was a sweet, tasting experience, with plenty of bakes to admire, and with baking on the rise once again thanks to The Great British Bake Off, this show would certainly have hit the sweet spot for plenty of amateur bakers.

To find out more about future Good Food Shows visit www.bbcgoodfoodshow.com.

NB: I attended this event on a press pass, which has not swayed my write up of this show in any way.

Originally published on www.tweedandtea.co.uk in 2014.

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