Friday, 1 July 2016

Taking in a sweet treat at York Cocoa House

Imagine an emporium of chocolate loveliness, a tea room dedicated purely to the joy of chocolate, and with plenty of the sweet stuff in abundance. If the thought of a chocolatier turned tea room gives you giddy feelings of joy then you'll just love York Cocoa House.

York's already home to the well known Rowntree's factory which releases it's rich, chocolatey scent across the city, as well as the much loved York chocolate festival, a city that loves it chocolate, making it the perfect home to a specialist chocolatier.

The cocoa house has been gracing York for a couple of years now, nestled on the picturesque Blake Street, where it's shop fits in like a snug velvety hot chocolate.. A delightful tea room and chocolate shop, once you enter the lovely shop the scent of chocolate fills the air.

Within their shop they perfect the art of the chocolate with their hand crafted sweets and treats, you can tell how much they love their chocolate looking at their range all laid out in their chocolate counter, from raspberry gin, to chocolate orange, and rose truffles, each as pretty as the last. A decadent treat that has to be indulged in from time to time, and why go anywhere in the city than one of it's specialist chocolatiers...

It's not just chocolates that you buy here, you can get the good stuff in many delicious forms in their tea room, with specialist hot chocolates that are incredibly rich, and sweet from chocolate orange, to peppermint, and even rose, each drink comes with one of their sweet chocolates on the side so you can truly over indulge.. If it's not that, then it's the delicious desserts, from seasonal brownies, to chocolate scones, and cakes, basically, if you'd think of putting chocolate in it, chances are they've baked it for you to try. It's certainly worth sitting in to experience the full aroma of chocolate and the delicious sweets.

Whether you choose to stay in their tea room, or take a selection of chocolates away, there's plenty to tempt you inside, you can even take part in their chocolate classes to create your own treats, from chocolate truffles, to chocolate masterclasses.

A delightful find in the city centre, and one that will appeal to your sweet tooth. Take a peek in store at 3 Blake Street, York, or visit them online to find out more

Images: York Cocoa House

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