Monday, 8 August 2016

A cosmetic's classic : Gala of London.

An iconic make up brand of the 1940's- 1950's, Gala of London brought a touch of haute couture to every woman's make up bag with their signature lipsticks, bold nail polishes, and lip paints, that put them ahead of the rest.

Gala of London were founded in 1938, and soon made a name for themselves with their haute couture approach to cosmetics. Well known for their signature collection of lipsticks and paints, with their chic, glamourous packaging, and advertising which helped to create the haute couture style of their marketing, and products.

They became well known for their lipsticks, which came in not just classic red shades, but also mid tones, making them a favourite for colourful lips. Their iconic lipsticks incorporated the use of titanium to give them a bright white appearance on application, going on to introduce refills with their Gala Interchange lipsticks and liners at their Burlington arcade cosmetics shop.

As they became firm favourites in every make up bag, their range expanded to colourful nail polishes in pretty pastel shades, that wouldn't look out of place in cosmetic's counters today, to matching pearl eye shadows, face powders, and even perfume, with their dainty perfume sticks.

Gala of London expanded their manufacturing in the late 1950's becoming even more of a household brand, with a range of skin care products and gifts.

As time went on Gala of London went on to be incorporated as part of Smith & Nephew, then Max Factor in the 1980's, seeing their cosmetics stay on to become a staple in every make up bag, with their signature lipsticks, and polishes still very much part of their range.

Today, Gala of London has been re-branded and modernised with a palette of more modern shades amongst their product ranges. Whilst the iconic pastel polishes and gold lipstick tubes may have gone, you can still see the mid toned shades in their lipstick ranges, much like their original 1940's range, proving that classic shades never go out of style.

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