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A cosmetic's classic : Goya.

Another vintage cosmetic's brand that's sadly gone the way of many others, Goya may not be around today, but during the 1940's-1970's it was a name that was synonymous with perfume and cosmetics. If it wasn't their signature, product changing lip liner, than it was their Aqua Manda perfume that made them a firm favourite.

Launched in 1936 by Dougla Collins, Goya was soon to become a much talked about cosmetic's favourite, initially concentrating on perfumes, with scents like 'Gardenia' and 'Heather', suggesting a bouquet of floral fragrances, they soon caught the attention of the public with a cheeky signature company card featuring a reclining nude.

Goya brought about images of decadence, and Hollywood glamour, one that helped to secure a fond audience. As they expanded the range to a selection of cosmetics, including face powder's and lipsticks, Goya was able to keep on working during World War II, and the brand became a household favourite.

It was during the 1940's that Goya revolutionised the cosmetics industry, introducing their "Thick and Thin" lipstick, which paved the way for the modern lip liner (1). This astounding product comprised of a set of two tubes linked by a chain, with a 'thick' tube of lipstick, and a 'thin' tube containing a lip pencil to outline the lips. Nevertheless, this helped to make them a cosmetic's favourite, with many more lipstick product's following over the years like their signature 'Kiss-stick'.

It was with their perfume's however that Goya really became a household brand, going on to create numerous well known fragrances during their time, including 'Aqua Manda' in 1947 which went on to become a cult scent, so much so, that it's been re-launched in recent years by Westex (2).

Over the years Goya would go on to create many more fragrances and cosmetics, from the pretty 'Pink Mimosa', to 'Red Poppy'. But it was during the 1980's when things unfortunately took a downward turn for this once adored company, with Goya closing it's doors during 1984, the company that once adorned many cosmetic's bags was to cease producing it's signature perfumes and cosmetics.

But as a revival for the vintage has shown, Goya has not been forgotten, their signature scents still go on sale on sites like Ebay, alongside the rebirth of their famed 'Aqua Manda' perfume in 2013 which has proved to be a success. You can pick up a bottle of 'Aqua Manda' online at, where you can find out even more about their scented history.


Images: Tumblr and bottle via Lilter

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