Monday, 22 August 2016

Bringing the 40's on screen in stylish, action packed fashion : Agent Carter.

Deadly lipstick, check.., concealed camera pen, check..., flawless seamed stockings, check.. There's no denying the timeless classic style of the 1940's, but there's something that's even more stylish when the iconic look of the era gets the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) treatment, in a stylish covert fashion.

Peggy Carter may be leading the life of an action packed double agent, but she's also doing it in impeccable fashion, bringing a touch of classic '40's style to the screen, in what we can only hope becomes another of Marvel's long running comic series.

Peggy's look through Captain America : The First Avenger, was that of timeless wartime style, with her perfectly prim uniform, stylish low heels and effortless make up, shaping the classic patriotic uniform in effortless style. Agent Cartersees her look changing subtlety throughout the show, reflecting the change in fashion just after the war that would have seen a slow integration into the iconicnew look, as women adjusted to both life and fashion after the war.

Her look may be close to the classic wartime wardrobe at first, but Peggy's covert wardrobe is nothing short of glamourous, from sultry Veronica Lake wigs and draping gowns, to stylish swing dresses and leather jackets that make for the perfect wardrobe, whether it's retrieving stolen objects, or facing the enemy.

But her wardrobe also shows how post war, women were often mixing and matching their wardrobe, making the most of what they had, reflecting both the style and attitude at the time, as many returned to normality post war. Her wardrobe manages to stay prim and proper, especially when she returns home to The Griffith Hotel (I'm sure that returning in anything that wasn't deemed proper would have raised more than a few eyebrows!), changing to more comfortable, familiar attire for her double agent work, and home life when she's away from the prying eyes of Miriam Fry.

What makes the casts wardrobes stand out is the true to era styling that perfectly reflects the fashion and mood of the time, with many of the outfits taking inspiration from classic '40's designs and patterns, helping to create the perfect '40's mood and style throughout each episode of the show.

We may have had to wait a while longer to see Agent Carter grace our screens here in the UK on Fox tv, but it's certainly been worth the wait, I can't wait to see what they come up with for series 2, especially when it comes to the wardrobes!

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