Thursday, 25 August 2016

Choosing quality over quantity.

How often have you picked up a lovely new dress only to find that it's made from a rough, scratchy and flimsy fabric? You don't want to be wearing that for too long! It's sadly an all too common occurrence these days with a lot of clothing companies appearing to be jumping ship on quality, going for quantity and fast fashion instead.

All is not lost though, but it's an all too common trend these days, with austerity still a much talked about buzz word in business, it would seem that many high end fashion houses, as well as high street chains, are starting to cut corners where they can, including on the very elusive garments themselves.

A high price doesn't necessarily mean good quality, but what do you look for in a well made piece of clothing, and why is it so important to have a good fitting garment?

You wouldn't want to wear a tight itchy wool sweater for hours on end, so why should you have to put up with a rough, scratchy low quality fabric on that new dress. A good quality made garment is incredibly important, you don't feel good wearing an ill fitting dress, or an over sized top, so why skimp on the quality when it comes to clothing.

A low price doesn't necessarily mean poor quality though, and the same goes for high end labels too, just because your paying a high price, that doesn't mean that your necessarily getting a well made garment. Take the time to really get a feel for those new purchases, does the fabric feel of good quality, is it a good fit, and does it look perfect when you try it on?

Really get a feel of the fabric quality with new items, just as much as you want to check the fit, a simple touch of that dress will reveal the fabric texture and quality, if it doesn't feel right, leave it, even if you have been lusting after it for weeks.

Examine the quality of the stitching and shape too, especially when shopping on the high street. Fast fashion can often be just that, check the stitching for gaps and thin thread, or missing segments on the seams. But just because it's a low price, that doesn't always mean that they've skimped on the quality, some mass produced, big high street labels have some amazing quality items, you just need to look!

We often forget to check the finish and feel of clothing in the rush to get that new item, but an extra minute checking over that new dress could unveil all sorts. Go for good quality items, no matter where your shopping, and you'll have a long lasting new addition to your wardrobe, after all it's just as important to have a garment that you look and feel great in.

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