Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How times have changed, the fashionable exercise trends of the past.

Nowadays beauty and exercise fads seem as ludicrous as ever, whether it's neck toning exercise balls, stretching rods and even the gym equipment tribute to the space hopper, the exercise ball.. but compared to these the exercise equipment of the past certainly could give us a good run for our money, why waste all that time toning when you could stand inside a belt massager to tone those thighs! We take a look at some of the most unusual beauty and exercise aids from history..

This 'Hip pendulcm and shoulder-raising apparatus' looks like some sort of torture device, meant to aid gymnastic training and exercise with the use of 'jackets, braces or corsets', I think we'll pass on this one..

The belt massager is perhaps one of the most common vintage exercise devices that we've seen, one which required no actual exercise, the idea was to lean in towards the belt and let the vibrating action do it's work. Thought to blast fat and improve circulation, and if the photos online have anything to go by it was always done in the finest of silk lingerie and heels, as most exercising should be..

Gustav Zander's exercise machine's look by far some of the most unusual that we've seen, a Swedish orthopaedist and physician who made it his life's work to develop a therapeutic form of exercise. The result was a series of unusual looking contraptions, designed to help rehabilitate people, who have received some sort of orthopaedic or muscular injury. It was thought that the controlled, systematic engagement of the body's muscles would build strength. I don't think we'll be rushing to get a set of these just yet..

Another torturous looking device, the Molby revolving hammock looks like a sure fire way to pull your back out, and maybe give yourself a spot of whiplash alongside.. Intended to help 'bring back health and vitality' and 'keep your spine young' by stretching the body out. We can't imagine that it's comfortable..

Lest we forget the other devices like the 'fat suction' pump which oddly resembles a plumber's plunger, the awkward looking early rowing machine and the somewhat risky looking neck spring stretcher, I think we'll stick to our slightly more comfortable exercise balls..

Images: Pinterest & Flickr Commons

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