Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to clean and maintain your Melissa shoes.

Unlike ordinary shoes these wonder footwear products have made their mark on the fashion industry, with their innovative plastic shoes that are as stylish as they are remarkably comfortable. But how you care for these unique shoes without loosing that remarkable sheen and sweet scent that they're so known for?

As an avid hoarder, sorry shopper.. of their wonder shoes, I've got more pairs that I could possible wear at once, but that hasn't stopped me from buying more when an amazing new design is released. Just what is it about these shoes that makes them so remarkable? Unlike traditional shoes, Melissa uses their innovative plastic, jelly like material to mould and shape their shoes, making for a flexible piece of footwear that has countless possibilities when it comes to design.

At first, you wouldn't expect a plastic moulded shoe to be so stylish and comfortable, but they've turned their eco friendly rubber shoes into a remarkable piece of footwear that's as much a joy to wear as they are to look at, take it from a keen hoarder of their designer shoes!

With such a unique material for their shoes, you often wonder how you should take care of them. Unlike traditional leather shoes, you can't go applying layers of polish and cream to these shoes, you'd end up doing far more harm than good, so just how do you clean your Melissa shoes?

After years of wearing their plastic dream shoes I've thankfully found an incredibly easy and handy way to keep those Melissa shoes looking as shiny as the day you first bought them, and it doesn't require any special techniques or products, just a couple of items to help clean and polish them up.

Those face wipes that you use to remove your mascara can also come in handy to clean up your Melissa shoes. Don't go for a harsh face wipe (so please don't use your exfoliating wipes on these shoes, you will end up doing more harm than good!), just a simple, fragrance free, and alcohol free face wipe will do. I've used Simple's 'Kind to skin cleaning facial wipes' and Boots 'Essentials fragrance free wipes' on my shoes, both are alcohol free which won't damage your shoes.

Use light, swooping motions across your shoes to remove any dirt, ensuring that you clean all around the shoes and underneath. Take a simple household tissue and gently wipe underneath the shoes to dry them, then place your shoes on top of the shoe box to let them air dry for a few minutes.

You can also use a light soap with water to gently clean your Melissa shoes, use a cloth to gently clean the shoes in the same manner as with a face wipe.

Once you've air dried your Melissa shoes, use a clean microfibre cloth to polish them, I use Tesco's 'Everyday value microfibre cloths' which come in a pack of 5. Gently polish each shoe, going from front to back, using light motions to bring that shine back to your shoes.

Don't be brisk with your shoes, just use gently motions to polish your Melissa shoes.

There you have it, an incredibly easy way to clean and maintain your Melissa shoes, and keep them looking as shiny as ever. Whilst this technique won't help with any scuffs or marks on your shoes, it will help to keep them looking freshly polished and shined, helping them to last for years.

Please note: As always, do take care when following these techniques, I have been cleaning my Melissa shoes this way for years to great success.

Above all, do remember to be gentle when taking care of your shoes, I cannot be held accountable for any scuffs or marks made whilst vigorously cleaning your Melissa shoes, treat them exactly the same as you would when polishing a pair of leather shoes, and take care whilst cleaning and polishing them.

Any advice and tips given here are just that, advice from a fellow Melissa shoe wearer, after years of cleaning and caring for my own Melissa shoes.

You'll also find handy tips for cleaning your shoes on the tag included in the box for your shoes from the manufacturer.

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