Thursday, 25 August 2016

Loosen those purse strings with these astounding budget beauty finds!

A good beauty buy doesn't always have to cost the earth, or leave you whimpering as you splurge for another lot of cosmetics on your credit card. You don't always have to pay a high price for a truly amazing beauty product, and you could end up saving towards something a little special instead as you invest in some of these amazing budget beauty finds.

Take it from someone who really has tried a lot of cosmetics over the years, for every expensive wonder product there's a cheaper equivalent that's just as good, if not even better, that will leave you with far more cash left than you realised compared to your usual designer beauty essentials.

From face creams, to mascaras, and face powders to lipsticks, I've tried most, if not all over the years, and some have left me incredibly surprised at the results. You don't always have the money to over indulge on a designer beauty fix, and there are times when you could do with cutting corners, maybe even saving a little towards those gorgeous shoes that you've been lusting over.. and that's where some of these wonder budget beauty finds come in handy.

The wonder mascara
As someone who's often been left a little disgruntled with most mascaras it can be hard to find that perfect wand that leaves your lashes looking great. Whilst it's not a massive inconvenience to buy at the higher end of the market, I have been surprised at the similarities between my usual mascara and a budget equivalent. My old firm favourite used to be Max Factor's Masterpiece mascara, which at £9.99 a tube isn't exactly robbing you blind, but after trying W7's Lashtastic mascara I was incredibly pleased with the results, they could almost be one and the same! And at £2.99 per tube it's a little saving that could go towards more beauty essentials.

A great cover up
Concealer is once of those essentials that you really can't do without, and when you find the perfect one it's worth latching on to it firmly!! My favourite concealer was No7's Match Made concealer, it's handy tube formula is incredibly easily to apply and blend and at £7.50 it's a snippet compared to the high end equivalents on the market, but then I decided to try MUA's Pro Base concealer after hearing wonderful things about their budget beauty products.

At £3 per tube it's just under the half the price of my usual concealer but that small saving has become a new essential in my make up bag, it's light, creamy formula is incredibly easy to apply and blend, it's a wonder at covering dark circles and highlighting, I don't know I lived without it!

The bright and bold lipstick find
High end lipsticks have often left me a little disappointed with the results, so when I stumbled upon Limecrime's colourful cosmetics several years ago I was beside myself with glee, their My Beautiful Rocket lipstick in it's bright orange shade became a favourite of mine, at an average £12.75 per tube it was worth it alone for the pretty unicorn packaging, but when they stopped distributing to UK stockists last year I was left a little disheartened, so I set out to find a similar shade that I could buy a little closer to home without the expense of import tax. Make up revolution's colourful range of lipsticks was my savior, and it was far cheaper at a mere £1! Their Vice shade is just as beautifully bright and orange, it may need an extra application to reach the bold shade of Limecrime's lipstick, but for the price it's a wonderful find.

Amazing face cream
Then there's some essentials that you just can't do without, a good face cream is worth it's weight in gold, and after trying several different creams for sensitive skin on the market I've ended up stumbling upon an amazing budget find.Nivea's face cream has always been a go to essential for the colder months, but their Rich moisturising day cream has gone even further, it's a much lighter formula but just as nourishing. At an average of £3.99 per tube it's a great budget find that's just as good as the high end equivalent.

Treat those feet
Forget all the pricey foot care treatments and spas, you can easily do without them thanks to a handy tube of Soap & Glory's Heel Genius. This wonder tube could save you hundreds, whilst also working miracles on hard, dry skin. This handy tube could last you for years, admittedly as a yearly hoarder of their star buy gift sets at Boots every Christmas I've never been short on supply of this stuff, but it really does last for ages, so you won't need to buy it often. A small dab goes a long way and at £5.50 per tube it's a wonderful little find.

There's no need to turn your nose up at these tried and tested budget beauty finds, they'll go a long way in your beauty kit and you won't know how you lived without them!

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