Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Oh my! Retro stockings with a pop of colour.

Who says that stockings need to be in muted natural tones, and basic blacks, why not ruffle some feathers with some vibrant stockings that add a pop of colour to any outfit, and with classic retro inspired styles in colourful tones, you'll certainly be tempted.

Ever since Kiss Me Deadly introduced a wave of colourful tones to their hosiery selection, we've been drawn to bold, colourful stockings, like a moth to a flame. Standing out with their peacock blue and pretty fuschia stockings, these classic stockings will certainly cause plenty of envy. They've even proved that you don't need to break the bank to snap up a pair of colourful stockings, with their opaque range starting at just £6, fabulous!

Cervin's classic retro style stockings are another to dare to step outside the box with their colourful clashing contrast seams, and vibrant shades. Their Bicolore stockings feature wonderful combinations of black with vibrant yellow seams, baby blues, and pinks. Not to forget their couture coloured stockings in bold reds, blues and pinks.

In previous years Agent Provocateur have graced the colourful world of hosiery with vibrant blues and reds amongst their stocking ranges, whilst they appear to have calmed down a touch this season, with seamed stockings in red and white being the only colourful shades this year, it's still worth keeping an eye on their hosiery in the future, or alternatively searching for their striking 'Europa' stockings online elsewhere, ebay for instance has a plethora of their neon pink, blue, and red stockings.

Gio's full contrast stockings are another to try for bold clashing colours, with a gorgeous peacock blue amongst their range, alongside the classic Jive seamed stockings by Pamela Mann in a bold red.

There's certainly a good selection to pick from if you prefer to go for a more colourful stocking, why not take a peek around and see what takes your fancy!

Image: Kiss Me Deadly.

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